Pour olive oil into your sterilised glass jar, followed by the beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter (if using). Stir to combine. Put the jar into a pot filled with water until it reaches 3/4 of the way up the jar. Do not get water in the mixture as this can cause it to spoil. Heat the water on a medium-low heat, stirring constantly until the mixture has melted. This will take approximately 7-10 minutes or until the mixture is clear again. Remove the jar from the pot of water. Leave it to cool or hasten the process by putting it in the fridge, while stirring it vigorously every 15 minutes with a fork. Melted beeswax and melted coconut oil will look liquid and transparent like olive oil while they are still hot. But keep stirring otherwise the mixture will separate into an oil layer and a solid wax layer.

The mixture will start to slowly solidify again. Once the mixture has started to cool you can add the optional essential oils for a scented cream. You could even use our recipe for the DIY Lavender infused oil as your base olive oil and skip the essential oils. You can either leave the mixture in the original jar or spoon it out into smaller sterilised containers. If stored out of the fridge this cream is smoother and melts in your hands, but if you want to prolong its shelf life or have a harder cream you can keep it in the fridge. It will keep a long time anyway - around 1-2 years.


Regular olive oil will give you a lighter lotion while Extra Virgin will give you a richer, slightly green in hue lotion.

If you want to add further essential oils or more beeswax to the cream you can remelt it and add extra ingredients.