Fence and gate construction

Building a gate

Most back yard fences will call for at least one gate. Assuming you already have a space set up for your gate, constructing a gate should not be overly difficult.

Our example called for a gap of 1.1m for the gate. If this is indeed the gap you have to work with, we suggest that you make the gate 1090mm wide (10cm minus that the space between your posts). Leaving a 10cm gap will ensure the gate opens and closes properly. You can leave a smaller gap but your measurements must be accurate and your posts straight.

Once you have built the frame in Figure 3.1, you can attach the palings/battens. As with the fence itself, it is up to you whether you decide to have gaps between the palings. You will probably need to cut the final one lengthways with a jigsaw to make it fit.

Hanging the gate

Your local hardware store will stock a range of hinges suitable for this kind of gate. Galvanized hinges are an economical option, and will prevent rust.

Use exterior grade screws to attach the hinges to the gate and posts.

Depending on the kind of hinge you get, your gate will probably only be able to swing one way, so make sure it opens in the direction you want (outwards or inwards). Positioning the hinges on the rear of the gate will usually mean it opens inwards.