Rabbit hutch plans

Beginning the frame

This is the original metric version of the plan (millimetres/centimetres). See also Rabbit hutch plans : Imperial (feet/inches).

The best way to start is by making the pieces of the frame presented in Figure 2.1. The base of the rabbit hutch measures 2 meters by 0.7 meters (including the width of the timber). The two pieces in the foreground will make part of the frame for the enclosed house, which will be elevated off the ground.

Measure as accurately as you can, to help ensure the pieces fit together properly later on.

The angled cuts on the side frames are all 8 degrees. Making these cuts will be a lot easier if you have a skill saw that swivels to cut at different angles.

Only the shorter (442.9mm) leg of the "H" shaped frame should be cut at this angle. The length of timber cut for this purpose will therefore end up slightly taller than 442.9mm on one side. The 500mm length needs to be cut at a standard 90 degree angle so you can hinge the roof correctly later.

Attach the side frames to the base and then use two 600mm lengths to join them together as shown in figure 2.2.