Rabbit hutch plans

Building an access ramp

This is the original metric version of the plan (millimetres/centimetres). See also Rabbit hutch plans : Imperial (feet/inches).

Your rabbits will need a ramp to access their house from the attached cage. Access will be via a hole in the floor.

You need to cut a 100mm length of 50mm by 50mm timber. Attach this short piece of timber to the corner of the house frame as shown in figure 4.1. The top of the ramp will be nailed to this.

Cut a 600mm length of 50mm by 25mm timber and attach it across the bottom of the base, directly under the frame of the house. The bottom of the frame will rest on this as shown in figure 4.1 (the bottom support is only partially visible in the diagram).

Cut two lengths of 50mm by 25mm timber and attach as shown in figure 4.1. Note that part of the frame in the foreground has been cut away in the diagram for a better view.