Rabbit hutch plans

Cutting out and installing the floor

This is the original metric version of the plan (millimetres/centimetres). See also Rabbit hutch plans : Imperial (feet/inches).

You need to cut the floor and ramp out of 7mm plywood.

Use Figure 5.1 as a guide (click on the diagram for a larger view). At this point we should point out that if you have used dressed timber, your floor will be slightly smaller. Check your measurements on the frame before cutting.

The floor measures 700mm by 450mm and has 50mm by 50mm cuts taken out of the corners for the corner supports of the house (if 50mm by 50mm is indeed the dimensions of the framing timber you have used).

The access hole should measure a minimum of 120mm by 200mm and should correspond with the position of your ramp.

The ramp measures 100mm by 450mm and will stick out slightly further than the supports at the bottom but should not touch the ground.

Once the floor and ramp are in place as in figure 5.2, use two 600mm lengths of 50mm by 50mm timber to complete the frame of the house as shown.