Rabbit hutch plans

The roof and door

This is the original metric version of the plan (millimetres/centimetres). See also Rabbit hutch plans : Imperial (feet/inches).

Pay particular attention to getting the roof and door the right shape, to avoid problems later on.

For the door, cut out the lengths you will need and make the square part of the frame. Then brace diagonally to stop the door changing shape later. Mark and cut the diagonal length with a pencil.

The roof needs to fit the shape of the top of the house. In Figure 7.2, you can see that the top horizontal support is flat, then the two side supports are cut at a 8 degree angle at the top. The 600mm length rests at the same angle as the roof.

Use adhesive and nails to make the roof, and it is a good idea to rest it on top of the house as it dries to make sure it is the right shape.

Cut a piece of 7mm plywood 740mm by 500mm. Attach to the frame of the roof with an even overlap on each side. Because of the slope of the lower section of the roof, the plywood will stick up slightly at the back, which is not a problem. The overhangs will keep water out of the house.