Free-range chicken coop plans basic

The roof

The roof will be constructed from 45mm by 45mm timber and then attached to the main frame.

Step eight:

Figure 4.1 is the plan for the roof. Use both construction adhesive and nails in the joints for extra strength.

Cut the corners off the four 500mm lengths of 45mm by 45mm timber at a 45 degree angle. These will become your corner braces. These braces are important to keep the roof sturdy and in the right shape.

Step nine:

Attach the roof as shown in Figure 4.2. Use the hinges and high thread screws in each corner. Your hinges will screw into the top of the each post and the roof frame.

Hinge the roof from the same end as the door for easy access to eggs later on (your nest box will go on the opposite side to the door).

The roof should be able to be lifted up as in Figure 4.2, and should lie flat on the top of the coop when lowered.