Free-range chicken coop plans basic

Nest box and perch suggestions

Step ten:

Construct the perch by attaching the remaining two 770mm lengths of 45mm by 45mm timber vertically as shown in Figure 5.1. Then attach the horizontal sections (all 45mm by 45mm). You will need a 250mm and a 405mm length for the side above the door. The 700mm length goes on the opposite side.

You now have supports which you can attach perches to. You can use lengths of 25mm by 25mm timber, but we recomend you paint it to discourage mites living in the perch.

Step eleven:

Construct the nest box as shown in Figure 5.1. The next box rests on the rim of the floor and is nailed to this rim the posts. Build this at the opposite end of the coop to the door.

Line with plywood. You can also place plywood partitions at 1/3 and 1/3 intervals, to create three good-sized nesting boxes.