Picnic table (traditional)

Installing the timber

Select 4 of the 1.5m lengths of decking timber. Nail these lengths on each edge of the table top and seat support beams as shown in Figure 3.1.

Measure carefully when attaching these four lengths of timber. Once these are in place, the rest can be attached easily as the frame should not move.

Nail the rest of the timber to the frames. If you leave a 12.5mm gap between each length then 9 lengths in total should fit on the top of the table.

The decking timber gives the table part of its strength, as the frames aren't designed to stand up on their own. if you use a minimum of 100mm by 40mm decking timber (as in the plan) then the table and seats should be strong enough to support the weight likely to be placed on them.

If you are concerned about the seat bending, you could use a single length of dressed 200mm by 50mm timber on each seat instead of the decking timber.


We recommend you brace the table as shown in FIgure 3.3.

The table is upside down in the diagram to show the bracing better. Cut a 1m length of dressed 50mm by 50mm timber and attach it to the underside of the table top half way between the two supports by nailing through from the other side. Nail the braces to this length and to the lower beam on each of the main supports.