Greenhouse plans

The main frame of your greenhouse

The main frame of the greenhouse is fairly straightforward to assemble. Start by making the components shown in Figure 2.1. Make sure you create two copies of the side frame.

Use 50 by 50mm timber in the wall frames and brace each wall with a single length of 50mm by 25mm timber (cut to size).

The floor is made out of heavy 100mm by 75mm timber. This timber will give you a sturdy foundation for your greenhouse and means you don''t need to pour a concrete slab if you don''t want to.

The walls

Figure 2.2 shows how the two wall frames in Figure 2.1 become part of the overall frame. It doesn''t matter if your bracing ends up in a different place than in the diagram.

The easiest way to assemble the walls is to first nail them to the floor frame. Then prop them up with a spare length of timber, while you position the top beams that will hold them in place.

Cut three 1,600mm lengths of 50mm by 50mm timber to use at the top of the wall frames as shown in the Figure 2.2.

To complete this part of the assembly, cut three 1,550mm lengths of 50mm by 50mm timber. Attach these lengths vertically as shown in Figure 2.2. Two of them will form part of the door frame.

The roof

The roof is designed for a polythene covering. There are no sharp corners, bits sticking up, or other features which could make installing the covering difficult.

Figure 2.4 shows a close up of one of the three support trusses which will hold up the roof.

The frames will not support their own shape well until you nail them onto the main frame.

Once you have assembled the three trusses, cut a 900mm length and a 950mm length of 50mm by 50mm timber to complete the apex of the roof. Once everything is in place the structure should be very strong.