Chicken coop plans

Building the attached run

You are viewing the imperial (feet, inches) version of this plan, original measurements have been converted to feet and inches with 1/32'' precision. See also Chicken coop plans: Metric (millimetres/centimetres).

The run provides a place for your chickens to spend time outdoors in a safe environment. They can scratch around and exhibit other natural behavior, and because this coop is on wheels you will be able to provide them with a fresh patch of grass or soil every so often.

You may want to add some extra bracing in the corners, but the run is reasonably solid without further bracing. It is important to make sure the frame is square. Use a spirit level and/or a large set square to check the shape.

It is easiest to attach the four 33 27/32'' lengths of 2'' 2'' timber first. Then attach the 31 1/2'' lengths on top and go from there. Remember to use both nails and adhesive for a good strong bond.