Chicken coop plans

Lining the house

You are viewing the imperial (feet, inches) version of this plan, original measurements have been converted to feet and inches with 1/32'' precision. See also Chicken coop plans: Metric (millimetres/centimetres).

This part will require some careful cutting. Use Figure 6.2 as a guide to the pieces of plywood you need to line the house. Click on the picture for a larger view. But check the measurements on your own project, as measurements never turn out exact. You will also need to work out the position of the notches to be cut in the floor and front wall. The size of these notches will depend on what kind of timber you have used.

Measure the cut-outs carefully. The cut-outs in the corners will be a little less than 2'' by 2'' if you have used 2'' by 2'' dressed timber. If you don't get it fitting quite right and there are gaps, use a low-shrinkage gap filler.

Once you have sorted out and installed the pieces in Figure 6.2, the house part of the coop should look similar to Figure 6.1. use 1'' flat head nails to attach the plywood.  Using adhesive as well as nails is also a good idea.

Note that you will need to make two copies of the "Nest side wall" in Figure 6.2.

One side of your chicken coop house will be left open at this point, for a door to be installed in the next step.