Chicken coop plans

The roof, house door, and nest box lid

This is the original metric version of the plan (millimetres/centimetres). See also Chicken coop plans: Imperial (feet/inches).

Now you need to cut some more plywood for the roof and upper front and back wall. Refer to Figure 7.1.

One of the triangular pieces has the top cut off to leave a window for ventilation. This piece should go on the side of the house nearest the run, and will line up with the window frame.

One of the roof pieces is 7mm longer than the other. This is so they can overlap at the top. Seal well with adhesive and/or use a piece of metal flashing on the apex of the roof to stop water getting in.

House door

This door will allow easy access to the house part of the coop for easy cleaning.

Hint: attach the hinges to the door before attaching the plywood. Use a sharp chisel to make them "flush" with the surface of the door frame. This step will ensure your door hangs correctly.

Make the frame for the door first, then cut the plywood. The plywood will give extra strength to the door, meaning diagonal bracing is not necessary in this case.

The ply will stick out slightly on the latch side and the bottom of the door, and very slightly on the top. It should not stick out on the side that will be hinged or it will interfere with the opening of the door.

Attach the door to the house with hinges. There should be a few millimeters clearance on each side of the frame (if your door is square), except on the side with the hinges. Install a latch.

Nest box lid

Making a lid for the nest boxes is reasonably simple. Like the door, it doesn't need bracing as the plywood will give it extra strength.

Figure 7.3 is a bottom view of the lid.

Once you have hinged the door and lid, your project should look something like Figure 7.4