Chicken coop plans

Finishing touches

This is the original metric version of the plan (millimetres/centimetres). See also Chicken coop plans: Imperial (feet/inches).

The two main tasks you have left is building an access ramp to the house, and lining the run with chicken wire.


The ramp will be made from dressed 50mm by 25mm timber and topped with plywood. Add some small pieces of timber spaced up the ramp to help the chickens feet grip (see photos at the bottom of this page).

Putting wire on the cage

A heavy duty staple gun with stainless steel staples works well to attach the wire. Otherwise you can use galvanized fencing staples and a hammer.

We hope this has been a successful project for you.

Remember to keep your hens fed and collect the eggs regularly.

Tip: Line the bottom of the house with newspaper and then remove the droppings every 2-3 weeks for your compost bin. If you don't have a compost bin, age the manure at least a month before using it as fertilizer. Chicken manure is rich in nitrogen and other trace elements. But putting it straight on the garden (without composting or ageing it) can burn your plant's roots.