Dog kennel with run

Kennel frame

The kennel is a fairly traditional design, using a basic box shape and a slanted roof.  You may adjust the measurements for the dog kennel but make sure you also adjust the run in the next section.

Figure 2.1 shows the pieces you will need to get started. Use your skill saw to cut at a 45 degree angle for the diagonal beams. A 45 degree cut on each end will create a "short" edge and a "long" edge. The long edge measures 495mm and you will need to cut four lengths in the same manner.

Once you have made the parts in Figure 2.1, you need to put them together as shown in Figure 2.2. You will need three 810mm lengths of 50 by 50 dressed timber.

Pay attention to how the beam at the apex of the roof sits on an angle in the diagram. Having it on an angle makes it easier to attach the roof later.

You will also need to cut two 555mm lengths of dressed 50mm by 25mm timber. These will form part of the door frame.

Attach these lengths as shown in Figure 2.2. They should go on the opposite end of the kennel to the small window frame at the end of the roof.