Dog kennel with run

Lining the kennel

Figure 3.1 shows a split view of the lined kennel from the front and the rear. Figure 3.2 shows the pieces you will need to cut to be able to line your kennel.

Bear in mind that Figure 3.2 is based on perfect measurements in the proceeding steps. We recommend you check the measurements on your project before breaking out the jigsaw.

Click on the diagram for a larger view. Cutting these pieces should be reasonably straight forward if you have a good jigsaw. The floor needs some notches cut out of it to match up with the pieces of timber attaching to the floor frame. Check these measurements twice on your project and then cut carefully.

Small mistakes can leave quite noticeable gaps, but don''t worry too much about this if it happens. You can use a low-shrinkage gap filler to cover any mistakes.

The kennel is now complete. The following pages will show you how to make a run that fits onto this kennel.