Dog kennel with run

Building the run

The run is a fairly straight forward design. It basically boils down to a timber frame that will be covered with wire mesh to form a cage.

You will need TWO copies of the frame in figure 4.1, one for the floor and one for the top of the run.

You can see how these two pieces fit together in Figure 4.2. Now you will need to cut six 1000mm (1 meter) lengths of dressed 50mm by 50mm timber. Once you have installed these, add some bracing as shown in Figure 4.2.

Bracing will significantly strengthen your run and stop it changing shape. It doesn't matter exactly how long your bracing is, just use our diagram as a guide and take measurements from your own project.

Figure 4.3 shows a better view of the front end of the run that attaches to the kennel. You will need another 1000mm length of timber. Attach it 555mm from the bottom frame.

The two vertical lengths of timber (both 555mm) are positioned to line up with the side walls of the kennel. This feature will allow you will be able to use clips to attach the run to the kennel.