Garden shed plans

Building the frame

You are viewing the imperial (feet, inches) version of this plan, original measurements have been converted to feet and inches with 1/32'' precision. See also Garden shed plans : Metric (millimetres/centimetres).

Our plan works a little like a kit set shed, because you build the individual parts of the frame (details in figures 2.1-2.4) separately. In the next step these parts will be combined to form the main frame of your shed.

Side walls

You need to build two identical frames using the measurements in Figure 2.1. These frames will form the shorter sides of the shed.

Front wall

This is the frame that holds the door and window.

The window is not essential, so just leave out the frame that holds the window if you don't want a window.

Our design will accommodate a window with a frame 19 11/16'' square. However, it is simple to adjust the design to hold different sized windows (bear in mind this plan was originally designed for metric measurements, so feel free to adjust if you can't find materials in the exact sizes we suggest).

The lengths of the horizontal supports (not marked on the diagram) should be 27 9/16 less twice the thickness of the timber you are using.

You may wish to temporarily screw a length of timber across the bottom of the gap where the door will go. This support can be removed after you erect the frame but it will stop the frame from changing shape in the mean time.

Rear wall.

The rear wall frame is fairly simple to make because it does not contain any windows or doors.

The horizontal supports are staggered to make them easier to nail.

Roof trusses

You will need to make three identical copies of the component in Figure 2.4.

Make sure the ends remain 59 1/16'' apart when you assemble them. If it is more or less than this measurement from tip to tip you will have trouble at the next step.

If you have followed the instructions on this page, you now effectively have a kit set shed frame ready to be erected.