Play tower fort with swing set and slide

The frame of the play fort

This is where you put together the main frame that will hold the structure together, so a little thought and planning will go a long way.

The support posts

The four posts are the most critical part of the frame, and will eventually support the entire structure - including the swing set if you build it.  I have used 2400mm posts as this is a common length in the metric world.  Feel free to use whatever size you have and adjust the height of the roof and/or floor as necessary.

We suggest the posts are at least 100mm by 75mm and have used this size in our diagrams.

If you use 2400mm posts I suggest you put the first support beams 900mm from the ground.  This will make the floor height just over a meter - a good height for children to play safely.

The floor frame

Once you have attached the two lower support beams you should have two H shaped pieces made from two posts and a frame,  We suggest that you use 50 by 100mm timber for this part of the frame as it is sturdy enough to take some weight.  If you use dressed timber remember to allow for the slightly small dimensions where necessary.

Complete the frame with three horizontal beams running at right angles to the other supports as in the diagram.  You should now have a freestanding structure.

Upper wall beams

Two 1500 and one 1600mm lengths of 50 by 75mm timber form what will become the top of the walls.  Once you have attached these 1875mm from the ground level (if you are following our measurements) you will have a fairly stable structure.

Completing the floor and walls

We suggest using either decking timber, other floor boards, or plywood to complete the floor.  You should put the floor on next as it will be harder once the walls are up.

For the walls, we suggest putting another set of beams 600mm below the first set as shown in the diagram, creating a total wall height of 800mm.

To create room for a slide and/or stairs at each end, use 50mm by 50mm timber to bridge from the top wall frame to the floor and create a gap in the lower wall frame as shown in the diagram.

Complete the wall with battens as shown.