Letterbox with stand

Before you start

 Make your own letterbox

Unfortunately letterboxes don't last forever. Because they are usually located out near public roads, they can fall victim to acts of vandalism or accidents. Whatever your reason for needing a new letterbox, why not try making it yourself this time.

This is a relatively straight-forward project, and even people without much woodworking experience should be able to complete it.

Note that the stand we suggest on page four is optional. You may already have a fence post you can attach your letterbox to. Or you may want to design your own stand.


If you don't plan to make the stand on page four of this plan then you obviously won't need to buy the materials for it.


  • 4.4m of dressed 25mm by 50mm timber* **
  • 910mm of dressed 50mm by 50mm timber*
  • 1m2 of 7mm plywood**
  • High-strength exterior grade adhesive

Letterbox stand:

  • One 100mm by 75mm post, at least 2m long
  • 600mm of dressed 50mm by 50mm timber*
  • About two 25kg bags of ready-mix concrete

* Dressed timber is usually 5mm smaller than stated dimensions because the surface is removed to give a smooth finish. For example, 50mm by 25mm timber is usually 45mm by 20mm once dressed. The measurements in our plan take this difference into account. If your timber is a different size, adjustments will be necessary.

** Allows 10% for wastage/off cuts.