Picnic table (traditional)

Before you start

make your own picnic table.

This picnic table is similar to what you tend to find at your local park, possibly with a little extra leg room.

Decking timber is perfect for the table top and seats. Decking timber is treated to last outdoors and gives a nice texture. Our plan uses 100mm by 40mm decking timber. You need to buy this in 1.5m, 3m, or 4.5m lengths of you want to avoid costly off cuts.


The materials needed for this project are fairly basic. You should have a good skill saw and a hammer handy.

Here is your shopping list

  • Dressed* 50mm by 75mm in the following lengths:
    • Two 1.8m lengths
    • One 2m length
    • One 2.8m lengths**
  • Thirteen 1.5m lengths of 100mm by 40mm decking timber
  • 2.3m of dressed* 50mm by 50mm timber for bracing

* Dressed timber is usually 5mm smaller than stated dimensions because the surface is removed to give a smooth finish. For example, 50mm by 75mm timber is usually 45mm by 70mm once dressed. The measurements in our plan take this difference into account.

** You will be able to cut the lengths you need out of these lengths. This information is provided to make buying the timber easier and to reduce your off cuts.