Dog kennel and run - compact

Before you start

Dog kennel and run plans - the floor frame

This dog run features:

  • Compact design
  • Kennel elevated off the ground
  • Fully detachable kennel
  • Timber floor on the run

The kennel and run is generous size, and it would comfortably house 2-3 small dogs or 1-2 medium sized dogs. You will not that the plan dosen't feature the extra attachment in the photo.  When we built this plan we had some leftover timer and decided to give the dog a bit more space.  You may chose to do the same or modify the plan in other ways to suit your needs.

A note on measurements

Accurate measurements are important with this project, to make sure everything fits together. Be as accurate as you can, but you don't need a laser saw. If the plan calls for a 791mm length of timber you will probably get away with a 790mm length, but a 795mm length is asking for trouble.



Note: Suggested quantities of timber allow 5% for wastage and off cuts.

  • 31m of dressed 50mm by 50mm timber*
  • 8m of dressed 50mm by 75mm timber*
  • 2.2m of 20mm by 75mm timber
  • 5-6m2 plywood (depending on wastage from off cuts)


  • 75mm galvanized jolt head nails
  • 50mm galvanized jolt head nails
  • 30mm galvanized flat head nails
  • construction adhesive
  • 6.5m of welded wire mesh, 900mm wide.
  • two gate hinges and one latch
  • six hinged latches and clips to attach the kennel to the run**
  • Stainless steel or galvanized staples

**See page 4, your local hardware store will be able to advise.