Walk-in aviary plans

Before you start

Home made bird aviary idea

This might seem like a fairly ambitious project, but don''t be put off. The biggest concern with an aviary is making the structure bird-proof. Unlike other small buildings you don''t have to worry about making it 100% weather tight.

This aviary is suitable for urban sections, but you will need good access around the building site during construction. The building site also needs to be flat before you start building.



  • 2 x 3100mm posts*
  • 2 x 2900mm posts*
  • 59 meters of 50x50mm timber**
  • 31 meters of 50x100mm timber**
  • 2 x 4 meter lengths of 25mm by 25mm timber

*These lengths allow for 1/3 of the post''s above ground length below ground. The thickness of the post will not affect the plan.

** The quantity of timber does not allow for off cuts. Allow around 5% extra for wastage when ordering.


  • 22 square meters of bird-proof netting
  • 7.8 square meters of roofing material*
  • Galvanized staples and nails
  • Rust-proof hinges and a latch for the door

You will also need sheet iron or a combination of sheet iron and opaque ridged plastic for the roof. Traditional corrugated iron is problematic because of the gaps at each end which small birds could get through.