Dog kennel with run

Before you start

Dog kennel with run.

Dog runs with attached kennels are becoming a popular option for the times it is necessary to confine your dog. They are a good alternative to chaining a dog up, because the dog can move freely in the run without the risk of getting tangled up in a chain. In this plan, the run is detachable from the kennel.

This kennel and run is designed for up to two smaller dogs or one medium-sized dog. Think carefully about the needs of your dog(s), and feel free to adjust the measurements.


Recommended tools

We recommend you have access to the following tools:

  • Good quality hammer
  • Skill saw that can be set for angled cuts
  • Jigsaw
  • Tape measure
  • Builders pencil


  • Assortment of galvanized nails
    • 30mm flat-head
    • 75mm jolt-head
    • 50mm jolt-head
  • Exterior grade construction adhesive
  • 38.5m of dressed 50mm by 50mm timber*
  • 6.8m of dressed 50mm by 25mm timber*
  • 3.3m2 of 7mm plywood
  • Galvanized wore netting, ideally 900mm wide (will men less cutting)

*Dressed timber is usually 5mm smaller than stated dimensions because the surface is removed to give a smooth finish. For example, 50mm by 25mm timber is usually 45mm by 20mm once dressed. The measurements in our plan take this difference into account.