Play tower fort with swing set and slide

Before you start

Play tower jungle gym drawings

This is a straight-forward set of plans for an elevated fort or play tower with an attached cross beam that can be used to hang a swing set, ropes, or other items.  Sometimes known as jungle gyms, this style of fort is becoming popular as a way to get young kids outside and active while having fun.

Our plans are based on many popular designs we have seen in friends backyards and for sale, but we have gone back to first principals with this plan and thought about the features we wanted in a play fort.

The dimensions are designed to give a reasonable sized structure, that is elevated off the ground to a safe height for young children.  Feel free of course to use this plan for inspiration, and tweak the design to your own requirements.


  • Four 2.4m 100mm by 75mm posts*
  • 14m of 100mm by 50mm timber
  • Twenty 1600mm lengths of 100mm by 20mm boards**
  • 14 1300mm lengths of 100mm by 20mm boards**

* I used this length because it is a common length sold (in the metric world). Feel free to use a different length rather than cutting posts, and adjust roof and/or floor height accordingly.

** You may decide to use plywood instead for the floor and roof.

Note that suggested quantities of timber are base on our measurements + 5% wastage.