A cheap, chemical free pet shampoo made from white vinegar and clear liquid dishwashing soap.

Mix together equal portions of white vinegar and clear liquid dishwashing soap in a plastic bottle. Shake well.

Apply mixture all over wet coat as you would usually when washing your dog.

I buy a clear, non-perfumed, chemical-free organic dishwashing liquid from the supermarket for NZ$5.00 (approximately US$3.00), and a bulk bottle of vinegar. This mixture is a lot softer on the skin and hair, while the vinegar leaves the coat squeaky clean.

Mix the following portions according to the size of your dog:

  • Small - 50 ml vinegar:50 ml dishwashing liquid
  • Medium - 100 ml vinegar:100 ml dishwashing liquid
  • Large - 150+ ml vinegar:150+ ml dishwashing liquid

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